Skate or Die

I recently started skating again… at the old abandoned mental institution – Brook Run. DeKalb County has since seen the value in the property and converted the empty lots into dog trails and crowded playgrounds with colorful plastic monkey bars. But in the back, beyond the No Trespassing signs and ramshackle wire-mesh fencing, lies the heart of the ruin. The main complex is gutted, tattooed with graffiti, shattered glass ground into the crumbling sidewalks. This is where my sister and I took pictures for some of the stranger images in EllipsisMag.

Leave it to the local skaters to turn the suburban ruin into a haven. There’s smooth pavement and it’s covered with a roof. They built a box and waxed the rails. It even comes complete with the nemesis of every good skate spot – a security guard!

videos!: (Mike) Kickflip up box, Halfcab Flip, Shitty manual

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