Platform Hack v 1.1

The new PC release of Platform Hack is the latest version 1.1. Download Here (51 mb zip)

This is a pretty massive update that includes lots of polish, bug fixes and tuning:

-Fixed controls for PC
-Updated game font
-Updates to game save / load
-Added a longer delay when player is injured so you don’t get “bum-rushed”
-Power Select screen will auto-display when leveling up.  Can be disabled on Options menu
-Boss Difficulty tuning
-HP has been reduced on most enemies.
-XP curve is a bit easier now, especially above level 20.
-Some annoying and unavoidable traps have been changed
-Some impossible jumps have been tuned.
-Dragon Fire will now shoot like a projectile horizontally
-Wall Jump will only trigger for a full wall, instead of on “steps”
-Clusters of enemies have been reduced in later levels.
-World 1 (Forest) can now be beaten without any jump upgrades.
-World 2 (Mountain) can be beaten with only either triple jump or grapple, not both.

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