New Year

So it’s a New Year, and with it some pretty big changes. Recently married, on the verge of a large move, a host of never-ending responsibilities, the reluctant acquiescence of less and less free time. Regardless, perseverance has a few perks, one of them: crisp (somewhat unclean) first drafts.

The book is Under the Ice. Here’s the slightly pulpy blurb:

On a research expedition rendezvous, a pair of young lovers crash into Jupiter’s icy moon of Ganymede. As they sink below the frozen surface, they must struggle to sustain food, warmth and hope, even as strange lifeforms flourish around them. Trapped in their tiny ship, mysteries of life and love will be revealed…Under the Ice.

I’ve decided, however, in its weakened infant state, the manuscript is not fit for the wild wasteland that is public internet. Plus, I’d rather not blow any chances of possible publication down the line. If you wish to take part in reading, I will be eternally grateful. Drop me a comment here with your email address (or send a message to my personal email), and I’ll forward along a bonifide editing package for Under the Ice Draft 1.0. It’s not totally free – I’d appreciate if you could answer some short questions when you’re done to aid in the editing process.

Also, a few resolutions. I have a nice tall stack of crisp paperbacks – I want to read and review one per month. I’d also like to do one short story per month. The better ones I’ll probably hold off and try my hand at the various zines. The others I’ll post.

Have a great 2007!

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