Myspace gems

Yep, it’s still festering. Check out this diamond in the rough. Myspace is the new wild west, complete with Nigerian scams!

Subject: Long-term relationship
Body: Hello,
My name is Markavellie and I live in the city of Lagos, situated in Nigeria. I’m 6.1ft in height, dark in complexion, brown eyes and okay in my physical being. I like listening to music, watching movies, playing soccer, dancing, chilling and laughing.
I’m looking for a loving, caring, cheerful woman, with a sense of humor who will become not only good wife for me but also good mother for my children. I want relationship that has trust, honesty, understanding,
communication, love, and faith into each other. I want to be able to look into each other’s eyes and know things are perfect with each other. I am dreaming about the woman who can hold my heart and make it a part of
her so we become one heart, one love, one person and one life on earth and in heaven.
I’m really interested in you, and I will be so delighted if u let us start a serious relationship and make legend of love.
I look forward to favourable response from you.
Bye for now

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