lysergic acid lyrics

These are words from another time – a trip to the inner depths. March 28, 2004

  1. latch onto the stream of empathy, ride it like a flow of thick crimson water. all the sadness and happiness of what it means to be human blurred into a teary visage: this is weeping.

love? compassion? pity?

seeing the pathos in all men and women, admiring it.

  1. clouds: dancing bodies, all alive. an mc.escher painting, all shapes intertwining to become pattern. those dancing bodies the happy Dionysian spirit of a bliss beyond our present time, out of reach for a while, beckoning. Will they dance and beckon me for all tomorrow?

  2. taking his hand, feeling the moisture and slime of sweat and desperation, but through it all, a passion for the flow. all facade thrown aside, true faces shown, friends here and now, solid.

  3. joy and wonder, the sun again shines. and as it rises, hydrogen bomb hallucinogen in the east, it’s a snickering rebirth, kinship.

  4. her, the sadness and intimacy of what it means to grasp. her. and tears are love, they are, soft drops of sullen joyfulness. form her eyes in front, so close and unwavering. she’ll never break that gaze, never look away, forever.

just weep.

  1. drop off, fall away, ride some bliss on the way, smile and feel your insides implode.
    resurface and make the plunge anew.

  2. the leering pirate faces still leer from amongst the woodwork. let them laugh, swallow the joker spirit, a smiling redfaced skull.

  3. and from a rational side, how fucking unbelievable was it to see the wood grain turn into a fractalling artificial life animation. lovely, huh, steve wolfram.

  4. and thats all we are, a curve of calculus, an index in the recursive pass of a state machine, so basic, so simple. oscillate on that, let the heat sink in like a synapse firing.

  5. his fear was there, her sadness was there, my smirk, his wonder, her eyes, my tears.

  6. her = kindred soul

  7. all the other people i’ve ever met, hardlinking into them for upload. are they smiling?

  8. when does the trip truly end?

  9. is this it? remember from dreams past with smiling realization I’ve reached the end, all feelings groked, and it’s ok to die.

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