Link Roundup

Started utilizing Google Reader in earnest. Consumption of internet detritus shot up 1000%. Aside from the requisite tech stuff, I’ve got music and concert reviews, freakonomics, fringe science, sustainable living, new york real estate, a female maddox, and literary musings ga lore.

Some choice cuts:

Roger Lextrait: The King of Palmyra Island. This guy gives Bear Grylls a run for the money. Still, the chance to play Robinson Crusoe for 8 years, sign me up.

Wake up, Manhattan. Yes, New York is pretty old. Maybe not Rome or Jerusalem old, but certainly haggard and suffering the consequences (exploding steam pipes, flooded subways, cracking sidewalks, etc). Some of that old stuff is worth preserving, but how to keep the city from becomming a museum? (as you could arguable call lots of Paris, Rome).

Is There Anything Good About Men?
Certain to incite rage among a few “gender warrior” types, Baumeister attempts to put forth a theory on the societal effects of biological differences. It’s a given that men and woman possess different motivations and and emotional wiring. How does that translate to the structure of large-scale institutions over long periods of time? Do the ‘cultures’ that promote certain gender roles succeed because those roles have biological basis? Very interesting stuff – reminded me somewhat of Jared Diamond’s work.

Drains of Canada
I have this strange fascination with tunnels and industrial underground. Probably cause I was always crawling around in rainwater drainage tunnels when I was a kid. Some great photos.

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