Link Roundup

I might start doing this weekly, just a collection of cool links that I found over the past week:

Peak Oil – a doom and gloom prediction that once we reach the height of the oil bell curve, it’s all downhill. National Geographic did an article on this recently. Interesting stuff.
Life After the Oil Crash
Another Peak Oil site
Everything 2 Node on Peak Oil
Fohguild Message board thread discussing the above - - - - - -

The Record Effect – how music has changed due to the shift from live performance to recorded media. How music affects us. Very interesting stuff:
The original Article
Response by David Byrne, some award winning blogger guy.
Here’s a related tangent on Slate about Chillout Music.
– And even if I don’t know half the artists, I love the writing on Pitchfork – A look at live (electronic) music, kind of a counter-point to the above essays on recording.

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