Link Roundup

Slate’s College Week. Ah nostalgia for the good old days. Almost brings a tear to my eye. There are some excellent write-ups here, especially the suggestions on how to improve undergraduate education (given a magic wand). I liked “The books famous people loved in college” – Rand is on there. And though a bit high-brow, “The Death of Literary Theory” has some smart stuff to say. Even UNC Chapel Hill gets its own spotlight.

Caring for Your Introvert – Was browsing through Neal Stephenson’s minimal website and came across a link describing his personality. Mine too! There be few chuckles behind that anti-social facade afterall.

Orson Scott Card – most famously known as the writer of Ender’s Game, has a blog/column. And he’s a neocon! Well, not really (to the Coulter/Hannity/O’Reilly level of rabidity), but he does have a conservative streak. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Most of his articles are well written and though out. Here, he validates the Freakonomics thesis, admitting it hints at eugenics, yes, but accepting the scientific backing. His conclusion, of course, is to revert to 50ish Morality.

So there you have it, another healthy dosage of Link Roundup!

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