Link Roundup

Paul Saffo Interview: Stanford Professor and future-tech watcher. Lots of interesting stuff on media, technology and culture – a number of issues I’ve brought up before in this blog. Choice quote: *Take cyberspace as an example. We had this wonderful utopian vision of a new home for the mind. What we’ve reaped isn’t cyberspace. It’s cyberbia. It’s this vast, bland wasteland of vulgar people and trivial ideas and pictures of half-naked starlets. But despite all the uncertainty, has there ever been a more fascinating moment to be alive? *

Review of Grizzly Man: Having seen this film a few weeks ago, I enjoyed this review. Most film critics mostly write little more than page long “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” reviews (avoiding spoilers), without discussing the key issues presented in the work. Grizzly Man is a unique piece of art – for the character himself (and Treadwell is quite the character), the essence of nature (beautiful and horrific), and the meta elements (Herzog and Treadwell are very similar).

Edward O. Wilson Interview (among others): MeaningOfLife.TV has some great interviews with big thinkers on deep issues. Wilson is a Harvard biologist who pioneered a lot of stuff with evolutionary theory and even emergent behavior in ant colonies. The full video interview is available, along with categorized segments.

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