Link Roundup

Why The Web Is Hitting A Wall – The Luddites Strike Back or simply saturation point? I’ve actually been considering taking a break from all the tech stuff for a few weeks (aside from mandatory work usage). I just have to finish decking out my Warcraft chars in epics, round out my mp3 collection, verify my bills will auto-pay…

Why We’re All Jesus’ Children – A few bored mathematicians figured out that if you go far enough back (~1000 years or so), everyone was an ancestor of people alive today. I’d assume it wouldn’t work for isolated populations (tribal people on some remote island). But essentially there is now a single human population that spans the globe – increasingly the genetic heritage will get muddled and mixed.

Flow – Fun game I just spent the last hour playing, curiously while a song was playing with the lyrics “let it flow”. Reminds me of the opening levels of Will Wright’s new game Spore.

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