Link Roundup

10th Dimension

A slick flash animation explaining the intricacies of String theory. It’s almost as if each dimension is a recursion, stepping up the chain to describe all possible universes. Problem is, we’re stuck in the pesky third, watching slices of the fourth…

Project Aon

This was a great find for me – a gem of nostalgia. I used to read/play these choose-your-own-adventure books called Lone Wolf way back in middle school. They used a simplified D&D ruleset, great fantasy setting and wonderfully dark illustrations. Thankfully, all the books have been converted to html and hosted free by volunteers. An adventure takes about an hour to hack through, and equipment/stats carry over from book to book.


Graced with large chunks of dead time and a neglected directory of old aim conversations, I threw this site together. It’s a tagged directory of strange and brilliant things my friend Richard has said over instant messenger. Redneck wisdom at it’s finest!

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