Link Roundup

Haven’t done one of these in a while, but today was one of those classic episodes of procrastination where I fish through Google Reader waiting for Outlook to ping with my next distraction. Fortunately, hooked a few worthwhile reads:

My Bright Abyss – I’ve thought for a while on ways to define my faith, since I don’t really fit into a neat little denominational box. This article isn’t exactly it, but hits on some interesting things that I identify with, especially the poetic comparisons between art and faith.

The Books Remain Closed – Arthur Krystal (an Author I’ve actually never heard of) talks about how his passion and zeal for new literature has waned, throws out the theory that literature as an art form is dead because it no longer influences the age in which it resides. Very interesting in light of the Kundera I was reading the other day.

Blamin the Burbs – I saw the movie Revolutionary Road over this past weekend. While this article focuses on the 1961 novel, I think we reach the same conclusion. Road is a study of marriage, and the suburbs simply act as the setting and metaphor. If you think otherwise, would the trip of Paris have healed all their wounds? I think not.

The Things He Carried – As I’ve known and thought for quite some time, airport security is nothing more than a Kafkaesque joke – “security theater”. Jeffrey Goldberg proves it, by smuggling knives, terrorist paraphernalia, yes, even 3oz of liquid through TSA, on fake papers.

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