I'll tell you tales you won't believe

A lot of times, when I’m supremely drunk I’ll load up my mp3 of BT’s Lullaby for Gaia before I go to bed. It’s somewhat of a “gay” song, but only if you’re a hardcore ACDC NASCAR Fan. For me, the lyrics are perfectly appropriate for a sorry sod rapidly approaching unconsciousness, and the tone relegates insobriety into the graceful realm of all human folly. Lullaby for Gaia makes me feel like an 8 year old kid watching Captain Planet, cheering along with the poor South American Kid who got the “heart” ring. But the actual sounds are so fucking pristine. Dear god, BT is a genius, nay a prophet of audile utopia. This is the song I want to flatline on, when my blood vessels are so chock full of industrial-strength pharmaceuticals that any promise of regaining normalcy is a belly-laugh lie.

Anyway, I’ve long wanted to praise the song – figures that a Poseidon Group happy hour coupled with a corner-store forty-ounce dose of beer would unchain the praise.

Don’t listen to the hearts of the world
The answer lies within
You know the truth
An instrument you can become
Play real loud for me/you
Your future’s just begun*

*Blissful bubbles
Let me sleep
Rock me gently
Don’t let me think

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