Fuck Spammers

DELETE FROM bB_comments WHERE commenttext LIKE ‘%h1%’

Do you see this line? That’s my righteous sword that cleaves through comment-spam like the breath of god. Why they attempt to emphasize their futile gestures for porn and poker sites with a header tag is beyond me, perhaps lesser hosts such as Livejournal allow html in comments (horrors). Not so with bblog. And thankfully I have access to my fledgling databases that allow me to execute sql queries in broad swaths of digital justice.

There is a silver lining, however fleeting, arising from these spam skirmishes – somehow, somewhere the link to this blog (daydalus.net) is being distributed. Be it machine intelligences or devious script kiddies, I’m big enough to pose a target, big enough to contract the common cold of the interweb. Thankfully, the cure isn’t impossible, merely knowledge and diligence.

And yes, I have to confirm comments before they show now. So much for automation…

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