Draft Craft Manifesto

Shamelessly ripped from Boing Boing, who in turn got it from here . Thought this was a pretty cool list of reasons/benefits from making stuff. Also highlights the difference between creating and consuming.

  1. People get satisfaction for being able to create/craft things because they can see themselves in the objects they make. This is not possible in purchased products.

  2. The things that people have made themselves have magic powers. They have hidden meanings that other people can’t see.

  3. The things people make they usually want to keep and update. Crafting is not against consumption. It is against throwing things away.

  4. People seek recognition for the things they have made. Primarily it comes from their friends and family. This manifests as an economy of gifts.

  5. People who believe they are producing genuinely cool things seek broader exposure for their products. This creates opportunities for alternative publishing channels.

  6. Work inspires work. Seeing what other people have made generates new ideas and designs.

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