The stars in my backyard are pinpricks peeking through the silhouettes of giant tree limbs. The grass is uncut and healthy, anticipating the coming dewdrops. Each misty green sliver bushels out like wheat slow dancing in the night breeze. Balmy air wafts through lazy hanging foliage and the cicadas continue their buzz saw chorus. It is summer.

I stand in the cool cozy grass with sandals and nylon shorts, watching my shaggy dog. He too stares off blankly into the night, his coat blending into a duotone blue green. His eyes glow like fireflies.

In solemn repose, I turn and slightly smirk. Time to retire to the air conditioning. A clap of my hands and the dog is galloping through the lawn, bounding past the crumbling patio and into the house.


The day my grades were out I closed the book on the past four months. I did well. I was pleased with myself. And with that contentment, I wrapped together all the events and memories into a solid chunk of goodness. Those were happy times. Some of the best months of my life. Probably the best semester of college.

It came with partings. Friends donning graduation gowns, packing up for distant states. Prospects and aspirations for an improving future. A nice round even number. Four years.

The crew christened freshman year, on floor three of Folk Hall, has finally broken. The late night homework sessions, cramming for tests, COC and SAC and shaft, even the drunken revelry with grain alcohol – these are fading. Rob’s 88 Buick has driven us for the last time on a Taco Bell Run. The final movie we all saw together was Kill Bill 2.

I wish everyone the best. I hope you remember well the time we had. Scratch out a new living in a new place and find a similar sort of happiness. That’s the best I can hope for.


Transition brings with it reflection. Maybe that introspection is just a waste of time. Maybe twisting my mind up in a knot doesn’t change my path, doesn’t bring satisfaction, doesn’t affect other people.

But we are not automatons. The fiery churning of emotions and reasonings, resolutions and epiphanies define our lives more than diplomas, GPAs and job offers. I really think I’ve come a long way since last fall. I’m a different person.

So here’s to writing more, reflecting more, spending more time in the sun.

Here’s to the best summer yet to come.

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