Heartline for iOS Update is Out!

An update to my iOS game – Heartline – is now out. ┬áPlay 18 more levels that push the limits in the Challenge Pack! ┬áCheck it out!

Will be putting together a postmortem on the development (using Cocos2D) and the release (navigating iTunes connect, profiles, testing, etc) soon!


Some New Games!

I recently released three small games. Heartline – for iOS, The Party – web/TWINE, and Starvin Stu’s Spud Farm – my LD48 XNA game.

The Party
The Party
Starvin Stu’s Spud Farm

All three games are free, so check them out!

I’ll be doing postmortems on each of these games and their respective tech stacks. Lots of fun stuff learned in the process.

Jade Konoichi Trailer

Trailer for Jade Konoichi – a new infinite runner I made with the guys from Gideon Games. Coming soon to XBox Live Indie, Windows 8 and iOS!